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Zeus Electrosex Deluxe Digital Power Box

$127.99 USD

Electrosex has found a new way to stimulate the spots that send waves of pleasure coursing through your body.  Rather than rub those pleasure centers from the outside, Electrosex toys send a small current right through them, directly stimulating them.  Unlike the electric current that most people are familiar with, the current from Electrosex toys doesn't hurt.  Instead it stimulates the nerves, creating what can be very pleasant sensations.  Essentially, Electrosex toys make you vibrate.  Not only can this be incredibly arousing, but many users have been able to achieve hands free orgasms!  The intensity of all Electrosex products can be easily adjusted to fit everyone's individual desires.  The Electrogasm is a great toy to explore the erotic possibilities of Electrosex.  The unit easily sticks anywhere desired and features 5 different stimulation patterns and 10 levels of intensity.  Electrosex is a sexual activity that requires caution.  As a rule of thumb Electrosex highly recommends keeping Electrosex play below the waist.  In addition please do not use Electrosex products if any of the following apply to you:  Have a pace maker  Have epilepsy or other neurological disease  Are pregnant  Have heart disease.  Never use while driving or operating equipment.  Never use near any metal objects such as piercing jewelry, rings, bracelets or metallic IUDs.  Never use on throat, wounds, eyes, head or mouth.  Electrosex toys should be used with water and oil based lube only (silicone is an electrical inhibitor) and cleaned with water but never submerged.  Electrosex products are not compatible with latex but are safe to use with lambskin and polyisoprene.

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