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Strict Thigh Sling with Wrist Cuffs (Black)

$103.99 USD

Spread those legs open and restrain those wrists.  This highly adjustable bondage sling will create a seductive atmosphere.  Adjust the back strap to bring their wrists up or down their back.  Bring their knees up to their chest with the thigh strap to leave them vulnerable and exposed.  The padded cuffs will keep them comfortable.  Each of the buckles locks.  Locks not included.  Back strap adjusts from 5 to 10 inches long.  Wrist cuffs adjust from 5 to 9.5 inches circumference.  Thigh cuffs adjust from 13 to 23 inches circumference.  Chest strap adjusts up to 45 inches circumference.  Color:  Black

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