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Master Series Ass Anchor Anal Plug (Clear)

$23.99 USD

Open up so your partner can take a peek inside.  This expanding plug has a unique, flexible, flared shape for an intense feel and delicious pressure.  Designed for the ultimate anal stimulation, this anchor-shaped plug has flared ends that pinch together into a tapered plug for an easy insertion.  Once inside, the two halves will spread wide, filling you and pressing against the walls of your ass.  This will ensure a tight fit that will keep the plug in place during even the most rigorous play.  The soft material is flexible but rigid enough for intense sensations.  Because this plug is clear, your partner will be able to see straight inside.  Measures 3.75 inches long, 3 inches insertable, 1.9 inches minimum diameter, 3.95 inches maximum diameter.  Color:  Clear

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