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At Bedside Boutique, we believe in…

Fun.  Passion.  Freedom.  Individuality and uniqueness.  Self-care.  Sex positivity.  Sexiness.  Creativity.  Empowerment.  Respect.


To be truly happy, you have to be yourself.  We encourage everyone to ask themselves… “what does that mean to me?”  How can you make yourself happy and fulfilled?  How can you embrace your individuality, your uniqueness, your passions, and use them to make the world a better place?  How can you love and respect yourself—and others—better?  What excites you, and what helps you relax and unwind at the end of the day?  Do you like to live on the wild side, or play it safe?  And where does sex fit into all of this?


Sex can be a very positive influence in your life, but our culture doesn’t always view it in that way.  At Bedside Boutique, sex is never treated as a shameful, embarrassing subject.  We want people to feel free to express themselves sexually, on their own or in their sexual relationships, while placing the ultimate value on respect and consent.  We want to help break the barriers of sexism and traditional gender roles, while fostering positivity and a feeling of freedom and empowerment.


There’s a wide world of sexual possibilities out there, and we want to open up that range of options to everyone.  In addition to providing a huge variety of toys to spice up your life, we want to inform, educate, and empower.  We want to open up a space for honest discussion about sex and sexuality.  We want to help you figure out what makes you happy and fulfilled, what makes you laugh, what makes you feel connected, and what makes you feel pleasure from your head to your toes.


We want to make sex a better experience in every way we can.  That’s why we provide only the highest quality, non-toxic toys and products for your enjoyment, health, and safety.  We’re extremely picky about our product selection so that you won’t have to worry.  We strongly believe that sex toys should be safe and provide long lasting enjoyment.

We offer lingerie, pleasure toys like vibrators and pumps, lubricants and enhancers, massage products, BDSM and fetish wear, sexy books and games... basically, any type of sex toy or accessory you could need.  Browse our collection, find what speaks to you… and then go out and chase your dreams!